Decentralized Hedged Stablecoins

The name “Kovrita”, as well as one of the main project’s concepts, is derived from the word “Hedged” (or “Covered”) in Esperanto. Accordingly, just like the Esperanto language itself, the Kovrita coins are created to become global in their utilization and ownership, without direct attachment to any particular geolocation, spoken language, political system, or a culture.

The Kovrita project exists to empower decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges and to solve the most fundamental problems within the cryptographic currencies ecosystem. Project’s solutions are addressing high price volatility, market manipulations and fair, independent from each other valuation of diverse digital assets and technologies.

Kovrita project’s philosophy lies primarily in full support of the decentralization concept and development of open source software. The project team’s ultimate goal is to make a major contribution within the cryptographic space, by not only developing the tools and platforms for exchanging digital assets exclusively for trading and investment purposes but also to facilitate the expansion of blockchain technology usage into wider areas of people’s everyday activities and interactions.

Starting from the creation of Kovrita US Dollar crypto coin (USDk), the primary focus of the project is to create a set of stablecoins, representing major fiat and cryptographic currencies. From the very beginning of project operations and in its innovative path to the complete decentralization of such coins, we are utilizing the model of distributed ownership and custodianship of the assets which are hedging the Kovrita coins. 

One of the important project’s objectives is to develop a new type of decentralized exchange (DEX) platform. In comparison to the existing today DEXes, the novelty of such platform is in its greatly increased liquidity index for all traded assets. Such an increase can be achieved because each of the assets will be individually paired with one or more stable, decentralized Kovrita coins, serving as platform’s internal Trading References™.

In its yet another innovation related to DEX development, Kovrita project is taking the approach of creating a large pool of stablecoins first and only then using them as solid, high liquidity base to develop its DEX platform. Notwithstanding and because of the decentralized nature of Kovrita stablecoins, they may also serve well to any third party DEXes by power-boosting their wider adoption and expansion. These processes are highly desired in the space, as they should greatly reduce the possibility of market manipulations, lead to price volatility stabilization and open the way to the price discovery processes via natural, fair and asset-to-asset independent trading.

Kovrita stablecoins are initially created as a set of Ethereum contract-based (ERC-20 standard) tokens. They are: (1) Algorithmically issued and destroyed by the array of software oracles, in real time, in full accordance with the public’s demand; (2) Hedged by the fiat money and cryptocurrencies “basket” in a decentralized manner.

Kovrita: Seven Project Fundamentals

Our expanding team of information technology innovators and entrepreneurs is taking the cryptographic proof technologies into the future. The ultimate goal of the project is to provide the best possible technological solutions to the crypto industry and thus make a major impact on the adoption of such technologies by the end users of the community and businesses of all scales.

1. A Novel Approach in Creation of Stablecoins

Kovrita stablecoins are a fine-tuned combination of all three main collateralization models: fiat money, cryptocurrency “basket” and algorithmic. Any type of Kovrita network’s third-party failures cannot impact the stability of the whole system, but rather lead to the temporary, automatically recoverable state of partial hedging. Coins creation, their distribution, and their value maintenance are based on the project’s unique incentivization model.

2. Transparency, Integrity and Trust Building

Distribution of project’s assets within the Kovrita network of individual holders, various third party co-owners, custodians, private funds, business entities, and exchanges, allows for seamless audit by the community, which can be conducted periodically, per planned time periods, or even on-demand. The total project’s valuation can be estimated at any given time point with a high degree of accuracy. Trust building via periodic releases of platform assets into “locked-in forever” functional Ethereum contracts.

3. Fully Blockchain-based Websites and Wallets

Web3.0 ready, serverless architecture designs, blockchain as a service (BaaS) user interfaces (UI) and wallets built on demand. Secure data access, the blockchain-driven database which cannot be tampered with. Ease of applications scaling.

4. Regulations and Compliance Ready

Distributed ownership of the project by the participating parties, physically located across the world will allow businesses to conduct their operations in full compliance with local laws and regulations, be it the local branch of the Kovrita project or an independent business entity. Kovrita project is facilitating easy market entry via direct financial sponsorship and provision of technical assistance.

5. Hedged Kovrita coins – DEX ready trading

For the reason that all Kovrita coins are backed/hedged by the corresponding assets, to own any of the easily convertible Kovrita coins means to own corresponding tradable asset. Ethereum’s ERC-20 common standard behind Kovrita coins serves as a solid base for the project’s own Decentralized Exchange (DEX) development but can be immediately used by any and all existing DEXes.

6. Perfect set of Smart Contracts

Auditable, powered by multiple redundant software oracles, Ethereum smart contracts for the automatic exchange to and from Kovrita coins, with built-in live exchange rates, for the fail-safe data feed and processing. Highly advanced, adjustable, smart contract-based Affiliate/Referral system. Powerful incentivized voting contracts to boost system performance and to enhance its development agility.

7. Distributed Ownership and Custodianship

Kovrita project is all about end-users, YOU! Kovrita is fully open to staking in the project ownership by anyone interested and will financially sponsor the creation of new third-party businesses whenever possible. Within Kovrita network, this approach allows for the establishment of the multitude of interconnected ventures with overlapping interests, without sacrificing the full profit potential for their owners, while still benefiting from being part of a larger enterprise-scale project.

Earning/Staking Opportunity Venues

It became the common knowledge and realization that one of the most important key factors responsible for the success of the Legacy Bitcoin network, was the incentivization of the network participants maintaining it and of those joining early. In combination with the blockchain technology powering Bitcoin, it lead to the explosive interest in this brilliantly designed innovation. Similarly, Kovrita project is relying on the incentivization process to spread its new ideas and to take them to the next level. Our project is setting the stage for the actual usage of concepts for Decentralized Stablecoins Offering (DSO) and Initial Decentralized Exchange Offering (IDEO).
The incentivization model of Kovrita DSO is essentially a variation of the well-known chain of events which happen during “standard” ICOs. However, the only thing that they have in common with DSO, is the concept of coin target price and comparable percentage values of incentive rewards, given to early coin offering participants.
The key features of the DSO model introduced by Kovrita project are: (1) Stable, fixed sale/purchase values at all stages of the DSO and after it; (2) The concept of Soft and Hard Withdrawal Fee Caps; (3) No restrictions for the duration of DSO (4) Down to the day precision in rewarding system adopters; (5) Open to multiple rounds of DSO fundraising for the same stablecoins; (6) Trust building/confirming option via periodic releases of platform assets into “locked in forever” functional Ethereum contracts; (7) Option to run DSO and IDEO concurrently.

Reward options for system adopters:

In order to participate in all of the Kovrita Staking Reward Options, it is necessary to buy USDk coins and make a deposit into a chosen staking contract. To stop staking, a user needs to request a withdrawal, which is a subject of the “Soft Withdrawal Fee Cap”. Such fee is, most of the time, the same for every withdrawal option, however, depending on the current DSO stage, it may vary for each of the staking options, and possibly for the chosen for withdrawal cryptocurrency. All of the staking withdrawal fees will be shown within the corresponding section of the Kovrita User Interface.

1. Kovrita Staking Savings (KSS)

Up to 54% per year

Main rewards option, designed for the long term compounded staking, without any restrictions on extra deposits or withdrawals. No locking period, users can withdraw principal and/or staking rewards anytime if they wish to do so.
After the deposited digital asset is processed by the system and/or Ethereum network, the user is automatically issued the corresponding amount of Kovrita US Dollar coins (USDk), sent directly to their Ethereum address. If you created your personal TOTP secured account using Kovrita User Account Interface web application, this balance will be then shown on the relevant panels of the Interface automatically.
If you are using MetaMask or other means to interact with the Ethereum network, your user wallet must be connected to it, in order to make transactions and to see current balances or the history of transactions. Additional guides are provided in your account area.

  • This reward option will be available for the longest term, during and after DSO. The deposit amount is limited to $100,000 per user. Staking rewards will be issued every calendar day at a rate of 0.15%.
  • There are no restrictions on the number of currently active deposits, which can be also made using different Ethereum addresses if the user wishes to do so. In this case, however, all of the provided transaction records will reflect only currently connected to the blockchain address.
  • There are no restrictions on withdrawals from this staking option. User can initiate a withdrawal via any supported method and it will be processed by the network automatically. However, depending on the chosen withdrawal method, additional steps may be required, such as verification or manual processing.
  • Withdrawal amount from any of the currently active user’s stakes can be made either as a fraction or in full at any time.
  • Every next day’s reward is calculated by the contract, based on the user’s full current staking balance, including the earnings credited during previous days. This process is reflective of exactly the same function as the “interest compounding” in the field of investments.
  • All user-activated transactions will require certain Ethereum Network gas fee. This fee is not collected by Kovrita, its amount is determined and collected by the Ethereum network miners.

2. Early Kovrita Adopters 38 (EKA38)

Up to 1% per day

Designed for medium to long term staking. Daily rewards are issued automatically, sent to user Ethereum wallet and can be withdrawn. Staking contract lock period is 38 days.
This reward option will be available for the medium to long term, during Kovrita DSO. The deposit amount is limited to $10,000 per user. Staking rewards will be issued every calendar day at a rate of up to 1%. Please read the description of all Reward Options carefully, before making your selection.

  • There are no restrictions on the number of currently active deposits. Additional USDk deposits can be made at any time. There is a locking period of 38 days for each deposit, after which the user has an option to request a withdrawal if they wish to do so. The action of requesting initially deposited into staking contract amount of USDk withdrawal is reflective of exactly the same function as the “principal return” in the field of investments.
  • Kovrita Rewards withdrawal requests can be made via any supported method, and in most cases, they will be processed near instantly by the network. However, depending on the chosen withdrawal method, additional steps may be required, such as verification or manual processing.
  • All of the Kovrita Reward options have limited availability! Depending on the current DSO stage, staking contracts corresponding to each option may (1) not accept new deposits, (2) have rewards percentage adjusted to match that of the “next”, lower percentage option, or (3) stop issuing new rewards completely at the end of the DSO period.
  • All user-activated transactions will require certain Ethereum Network gas fee. This fee is not collected by Kovrita, its amount is determined and collected by the Ethereum network miners.

Kovrita Projects Roadmap


Q1 – Q2

January, 2018. The Ideas
Having an extensive experience in cryptography research and cryptocurrencies market analyses, a group of Information Technology experts, blockchain enthusiasts, and marketers have gotten together and developed a set of solution concepts to address the main issues and shortcomings in the area of stablecoins and trading.

May – June, 2018. Project’s Trinity
After extensive theoretical modeling and full testing of technical capacities, possibilities and limitations, the team came up with the final set of short and long term project paths which can be taken for immediate development. The initial three project directions are: Creation of Hedged Stablecoins, decentralized exchange platform development and building a distributed ownership and project backing community on an ongoing basis.


Q3, 2018. Stablecoins mechanics: Proof of Concept
Creation and testing of the platform prototype based on Ethereum network and ERC-20 standard. Initial design of platform user interface allowing for direct interaction of user Ethereum wallet with Ethereum network and project’s smart contracts. Novel incentivization and cryptocoins price stabilization models were developed. These models can be used universally.

Q3, 2018 New DEX Concepts
Pairing of all traded assets to the central “trading references” to ensure high liquidity index at all times. Tokenized marketplace of direct, geographically local deposit and withdrawal options. Advanced trading user interface with automated trading capacities. Introduction of novel, especially to DEXes, concept of high leverage margin trading options without the risk of possible platform losses and built in measures preventing cascading spikes of asset prices. 


November, 2018. Got name
The project has gotten its name. “Kovrita” stands for “Hedged” (or “covered”) in Esperanto, thus reflecting the factual meaning behind the stablecoins under project’s development. Registration of the corresponding domain names.

November, 2018. Community and Information Resources
Kovrita project exists to become a welcoming home for cryptography and blockchain enthusiasts. Resources under development: Decentralized social interactions platform, high quality peer-reviewed news portal, unbiased cryptocurrencies rating engine. Everything new that would help to steer the crypto space evolution toward blockchain technology utilization, and not just highly speculative investing.


Q1 – Q2

Q1 – Q2, 2019 Expanding Functionalities of the Prototype.
Following the principles of our collateralization and coin offering models for Kovrita Stablecoins, the platform prototype is enhanced with additional features via intercommunicating Ethereum smart contracts. Implementation of contract-based referral/affiliate system. Oracle-powered coins swap execution based on current market exchange rates. Ability to accept non Ethereum digital currencies.

April, 2019. Distributed Ownership Begins
From its earliest stages, the project team has been growing via its ongoing efforts to make the concept of distributed ownership a reality. Many blockchain enthusiasts expressing their thoughts on social media which we share have been approached and some of them were offered to participate in the initial backing of the project.
The UK-based software development company named CRYPTO OUTLOOK and domain Extended Validation (EV) SSL certification, marked the first stepping-stone for these ongoing efforts.


July 16, 2019. Going Public
The project launch. Beta testing in production environment. The objective is to demonstrate the utility and flexibility of Kovrita incentivization models. TeamSpeak meeting with early backers beta testers and owners of web media resources.

July 2019. Open Community
Open invitation to the blockchain technology loving community. We are inviting conceptual writers, editors, publicists, bloggers, support agents and as important, we encourage business partnership proposals. Team’s special invitation goes to our International community who speak other languages besides English to start translating and otherwise make a bridge to help those who don’t.

Q3-Q4 (ongoing), 2019. Open Source DEX
Open invitation to all open source software developers and web applications/interface designers. Kovrita project welcomes both experts and beginners to join the team and start earning Kovrita rewards right from the get-go.


Q4, 2019. White paper publications
Kovrita project is designed to become a multi-module, highly agile project with various in scale steps during the upcoming years. While its beta testing period, our team is looking for the community feedback, so that we, first of all, have a wider initial audience to present our ideas to, and secondly, we would like to use such feedback to improve the final version of our first white paper.

Q4, 2019. New Rewards options
Open invitation to the blockchain technology loving community. We are inviting conceptual writers, editors, publicists, bloggers, support agents and as important, we encourage business partnership proposals. Team’s special invitation goes to our International community who speak other languages besides English to start translating and otherwise make a bridge to help those who don’t.

Q4, 2019. New ERC-20 tokens creation
Open invitation to all open source software developers and web applications/interface designers. Kovrita project welcomes both experts and beginners to join the team and start earning Kovrita rewards right from the get-go.

Referral Program (Affiliate)


Unless it becomes necessary and appropriate, in lieu of traditional for the crypto space huge and often wasteful advertising expenditures during and after fundraising offerings, Kovrita project is extending the opportunity to earn Referral Rewards directly to the community of its network members, via Ethereum smart contract-based, 2-Tier referral system*.

  • You can earn extra Kovrita Referral Rewards by posting your referral link** (URL) on your social network pages, your personal blog, or other Internet resources that explicitly allow the public to post referral links.
  • Tier 1: Receive up to 5% of deposits made by the people who are referred by you directly. When people click on your referral URL and then make a deposit into the system, the smart contract will automatically issue the reward payment, sent directly to your Ethereum address.
  • Tier 2: In addition to, or instead of your own efforts in inviting people to join the Kovrita project directly, Tier2 option allows you to earn the additional (up to 1%) Referral Rewards, from the deposits of people referred to the project by your direct referrals.
  • Referral Rewards Opportunity is subject to changes and cancellations of its conditions, program availability and/or certain restrictions of its usage, earning percentages and referral reward amounts in general – without any prior notice from the project team. Please, follow the referral guide provided, do not engage in prohibited advertisement activities, such as spam mailing, unsolicited postings and similar.
  • To find your referral link (URL), you will need to connect your Ethereum wallet to the Kovrita User Interface (UI) using MetaMask or any other Web3.0 compatible browser or simply create new wallet using Kovrita account registration feature.


About Kovrita Project

What is Kovrita Hedged Stablecoins?

It is a fine-tuned, inter-networked combination of all three main collateralization models: by fiat money, cryptocurrency “basket” and algorithmic.

What is Kovrita US Dollar (USDk)?

Kovrita US Dollar is innovatively created, ERC-20 compatible stablecoin with built-in functions such as instant buy/sell via Ether, affiliate system, and more. We are using consensus-based inbound oracles which are following the current ETH/USD exchange rate and power corresponding smart contract. Thus, at the time of the swap and depending on the exchange direction, the process of minting or burning the coins is initiated in real time. Minting of USDk coin requires the deposit of Ether while the withdrawal of Ether burns it.

If Kovrita is a decentralized system, what is then the role of the Kovrita project team?

Any decentralized system requires an initial creator and Kovrita project is not an exception. Our team is introducing the concept of Decentralized Stablecoins and will initially foresee the correct and proper project development path, as well as its good financial standing. The system is designed in such a way that upon its growth over time, the impact of the creator will naturally become less and less significant and could eventually diminish completely. This will be a direct indication of true system decentralization.

You do not have the percentage allocation of raised funds for the team. Where will the team’s earnings come from?

We feel very strongly that any project management team must not collect excessive amounts of funds until at least partly working prototype of the product is actually created. The crypto space knows way too many ICOs where millions of dollars are collected by the teams just for the fancy write-ups about some (often questionable) ideas only. In our opinion, this is absolutely unacceptable practice. Our team would like to be perceived differently and we are working hard to gain the public’s trust in our products first. Our team’s bet is on future earnings from fees generated by the well working system which we are developing.

Signing Up and Security

You said Kovrita.io website does not have a “traditional” website interface, what it is?

This is true. After the initial connection via the domain name, all of your further interactions with the website’s content are done on the browser side. Thus, you will notice that all pages and account areas are loading unusually fast. The only exception is within the account area when the user is connecting to the Ethereum network to display transactions related data. Once that is done, everything will be as fast.

What is Kovrita user account then?

Any interaction with the Ethereum network requires some means of connecting to it, such as via MetaMask or other Web 3.0 compatible apps. This may appear as something too complicated to people new to crypto space. Kovrita user account utility fully addresses this issue by taking on the role of such an app. Our software engineers made it possible for any novice user to interact with Ethereum network via all well familiar to all modern Internet users process of simple website account creation.

The account interface is not loading for me. Instead, I see the white page, what should I do?

To load the login interface manually, type into your browser the following link: https://kovrita.io/login

  • The most likely reason you may be seeing “white page“ is because you have MetaMask (or other Web3) application enabled in your browser and it creates conflict with Kovrita DApp because both are built to interact with Ethereum network.
  • If you do not want to use Kovrita DApp, you will need to login into your Metamask app and allow Kovrita.io to interact with Ethereum network.
  • If you wish to take advantage of the extra security layer provided by the Kovrita DApp, or just check it out, you will need to temporary disable your MetaMask plugin.

Will Kovrita team have control of my Ethereum wallet and private keys then?

No, we will not! You can view Kovrita user account application as the secondary 2FA (Two Factor Authentication) protection layer, on top of your Ethereum wallet, which you still have to either create or import by yourself. You are the only one who has a wallet “seed phrase” AND address private keys.

I have some trust issues, how can I make sure that what you are saying about not having the control of my private keys, is true?

You can hire a professional, who is sufficiently skilled in understanding the open-source object-oriented computer programming language JavaScipt, who will then be able to confirm for you that Kovrita web page source code creates interactive functions only in user browsers, not on the website
Alternatively, you can use other third-party applications, such as MetaMask.

Do I have to create an account in order to buy Kovrita coins?

No, signing up is optional, you can buy, sell and participate in staking of Kovrita coins via any known to you means of interacting with the Ethereum network and its smart contracts. However, creating an account on Kovrita.com website will allow you to follow the project development via updates and newsletters, as well as to participate in various community activities.

Can I use my own Ethereum wallet to participate in Kovrita Staking Opportunities instead of registering a new one with your website?

Yes, you can. Kovrita Ethereum User Interface (UI) is only assisting users with connection and interaction with the right smart contracts on Ethereum network. Account created on our website has exactly the same functionalities like any other standard Ethereum wallet system.

When I create an account on your website is there a username and password I need to remember or record?

No, there is technically no account area on our website at all. All of the information you can see about your transactions is derived directly from Ethereum network every time you connect to it via Kovrita UI. You can also connect with the system using your different Ethereum Address, but you will then see transacted related to that address only.

During account registration I am given some seed phrase, what is it?

We can’t stress enough how important it is to save this phrase and keep it in a safe place, preferably offline. Kovrita will not be able to recover it for you because we simply cannot see it technically.

Is this seed phrase compatible with any other Ethereum wallet?

Yes, it is. This seed uses common BIP32 Derivation Path: m/44’/60’/0’/0, therefore you can import this seed phrase to any Web 3.0 compatible wallet, to gain access to your wallet’s funds.

How secure are my account and the website of Kovrita?

Our team has an enormous interest in cryptographic technologies, we are always following current trends and developments in the field and applying the most up to date robust protection on our products. Kovrita account area also supports time-based one-time passwords (TOTP) for its two-factor authentication (2FA).

Reward Options

I support big corporations and I love to keep my coins at centralized exchanges, can I make my Kovrita deposit directly from the exchange?

  • NO, if you are depositing Ether (ETH) AND your favorite exchange still does not support Kovrita Stablecoins.
  • YES, if you are depositing any other digital assets. In this case, the source of the depositing account is of no relevance from the system’s perspective.

How does your incentivization model work?

It is very simple, albeit uncommon. Briefly, Kovrita incentivisation and stablecoins offering model
For greater details please see the corresponding section of the website and corresponding documentation pages.
While for the typical coin offering, discounted token sales are done during a fixed time period, stepwise and pricing and first at discounts, then price.
Kovrita tablecoins offering model has a number of advantages, becase there is no predetermined coin offering timing restrictions, coins are distributed very evenly with high daily precision, and most importantly, the value target is reached by the end of the offering.
For the typical coin offering, while there is always a pre-set target price per token, its sales are accomplished via a series of sales, with the stepwise increasing token price, during a pre-determined time period. The end result is such that people who bought tokens earlier, will have more of them, per money spent, in comparison to those buying token at the target price.

What is the best strategy to maximize the rewards?

First of all, the earliest system adopters are rewarded the most!. Such a statement simply holds true for any kind of the new beginning. Secondly, Kovrita project has a two-level referral program which means that one can earn the referral rewards without even making their own commitment to direct participation, simply by sharing their referral link. Lastly, for the reason that Kovrita system is built in such a way that all users can hold and sell their stablecoins at any time, they can participate with their own stablecoins in any and all of the fundraising rounds.

Kovrita Referral Program

You are offering high referral rewards percentage, wouldn’t it negatively affect the value of Kovrita Stablecoins?
Practically not. These percentages are adjustable, they can be reduced completely and they can be re-introduced again during fundraising rounds. The initial offer is set to high percentage mostly to reward the earliest adopters and beta testers.
Moreover, our smart contracts are recording the total amount of issued rewards which are then reclaimed evenly from all withdrawals from the system in the form of withdrawal fees. This means that from the perspective of the system, the project’s referral expenses do not have any impact on the value of its assets.

Is there a certain percentage allocated for the marketing/referral expenses by the project?

We believe that the project will benefit the most if its growth and development would happen organically. We do not believe in aimless spending of our community resources, just for the sake of spending what has been “allocated”. We are, however, well prepared and resourceful when it comes to the very efficient marketing campaigns, for example, to counter the plagiarism of our ideas and implementations.

Can I use my own referral link to make the deposit into rewards contract from my self-referred address?

No, this is an abuse of the referral system! Please don’t be this greedy and disrespectful to your fellow project participants. Kovrita project is tuned to prevent any kind of system abuse, for the benefit of all. The basic rules are simple and following them will maximize rewards for everyone in the long run.

We are Hiring

Under the auspices of vast Kovrita project’s goals, we are inviting various professionals and cryptocurrency enthusiasts on a continuous basis. Join the Kovrita project team and community, as a volunteer or paid contributor. Let’s make every possible effort together, to make Kovrita a community project. We are inviting:

  • Cryptocurrency, blockchain, and Open Source software enthusiasts and supporters, interested in advancing the applications of these technologies and approaches, especially those who consider themselves intellectually more advanced than the concept of a “hodler”.
  • Mathematicians, statisticians, theorists, and practical philosophers to join the team and/or to participate in the project development, roadmap planning, and project economics. You are a person or an organization who/which may be interested in exploring the data and market trends for various analyses and mathematical modeling.
  • Ethereum smart contracts experts for the in-house contracts creation, modification, validation, and audit. Software engineers, developers, and coders of all levels, to contribute to further development of Open Source Decentralized Exchange platform.
  • Support personnel, writers, editors, publicists, and translators, for (1) general project support and (2) to create and continuously update project documentation and to share and promote its functionalities, advances and case studies.
  • Certified and/or proficient in their local jurisdiction attorneys and other legal affairs oriented professionals, to assist in the formation of new, local, third-party crypto space businesses and/or to take on the more involved role in everyday operations of such businesses. Recent law graduates are encouraged to apply. Kovrita project may help you start your own law firm in this new and exciting field of practice – cryptocurrencies and blockchain.
  • Independent, local in your country Kovrita company representatives to establish its distributed legal and global presence as licensed and registered software development company and/or as a third-party custodian of project’s digital, financial and other types of assets, in order to fulfill its decentralization model.
  • urrent business owners who feel that tokenization, stablecoins backing, or blockchain technology in general, can improve their business operations. Contact us for consultation if in doubt or to submit your proposal for a new startup business, for the prompt review.
  • Please feel free to contact us with any additional job and implementation proposals. We will be happy to hear from you.