Tether and BTC Conversion Bonus

For a Limited Time, Kovrita is Offering Special Bonuses for Deposits of Tether and BTC for their Further Conversion to USD Assets.


July 17, 2019 – Project’s initial primary objective is to create solid collateral hedging for Kovrita US Dollar coin (USDk) with more reliable and diversified US Dollar sources, including other USD stablecoins. Another important objective is to generate sufficient Ether liquidity pool for our main ETH/USDk swap contract. To meet these objectives, it will be necessary to convert a significant portion of raised digital assets into fiat money equivalents. Kovrita will be using Tether and BTC as its primary conversion tools while it is preparing all of the necessary infrastructures for building its “cryptocurrencies basket” collateral in the upcoming weeks.


In addition to the main project’s Staking Rewards Opportunities, we are offering extra 1.62% bonus for all USDk stablecoin purchases made via Tether and BTC. Such bonuses are offered independently of the main project’s staking rewards options, but they will effectively boost such rewards if a user chooses to participate in staking.


Kovrita Project Team
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