Open Invitation for Language Translators

Open Invitation to Kovrita Platform Users with Good Grammar Skills in World’s Languages to Deliver New Ideas Across the Globe.


August 7, 2019 – The main website is now available in Japanese, Chinese and Russian languages. Whether or not you are a professional translator, our team welcomes everyone with good grammar skills in any of the World’s languages to contribute by correcting our Google translated, current and future “Kovrita Pages”. This is exactly what the collective writing is all about!

Notably, while the original plan of the team was to have the website translated to other languages professionally or by the community, the final decision was to pay tribute to “Google Translate” services for the impressive achievements with their corresponding Artificial Intelligence (AI) program, which powers this service. Such a decision was made while our team and early backers group began working preparing files for translation and many people easily noticed that automatic translation by Google has significantly improved during the last few years.

If you wish to make translation corrections, please start a topic at Discuss Kovrita community forums.

To switch the website language version, please use the flag-icon in the top-right area on the main page.


Kovrita Project Team
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