KOVRITA.IO Beta Launch

Kovrita Decentralized Hedged Stablecoins Project has Officially Launched its Beta Product.

July 16, 2019 – Kovrita platform is now fully operational and is open to the public for beta testers, referral enthusiasts and those who would just like to learn more about our project. Become an early system adopter to earn the maximum in Kovrita rewards, hedged by digital assets which you can withdraw. Get rewarded for participating in the organic platform growth, using your personal referral link and spreading the word. Help to finalize the platform’s documentation and facilitate community building process by simply asking questions.

Here are some of the beta testing tasks:

  • Kovrita platform is fully operational, tested to a great degree, user account area interface already contains basic instructions, and all functionalities are mostly self-explanatory. However, we would like to collect as much technical and practical feedback from our beta testers as possible. We would like to keep improving the platform’s ease of use, even by the people completely new to the crypto space. So, spread the word, post your Kovrita referral link on social networks.
  • There are over 130 cryptocurrencies and tokens supported by the project, in order to create its “crypto basket” hedging backbone. Bring in your favorite coin for a test run, or just login to see the full list if you wish to learn more about what they are.
  • If you are good at writing and explaining things, and/or if you can translate texts to foreign languages, you can make a significant contribution by becoming part of our growing team and start earning. For example, viewing of documentation pages and various articles by the website visitors can be tracked and quantitatively measured for rewards purposes. It is also worth mentioning that we do have a lot of things we would like to communicate to the public in the upcoming months, as the project is undergoing its development phase and our community is growing.

Kovrita Project Team
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