Expanding Cryptocurrencies Basket

To Diversify and Expand its Cryptocurrencies Collateral Basket, Project’s Development Team Added over 130 coins to the Platform for Testing

June 22, 2019 – With the dual goal of (1) increasing the number of cryptocurrencies hedging the Kovrita US Dollar, per its collateralization model and (2) preliminary selection of coins to be listed on project’s upcoming decentralized exchange (DEX) platform, Kovrita developers team has added over 130 cryptocurrencies to the platform for testing.

The selection of added cryptocurrencies was made following simple, but practical criteria:

  1. The list of coins was sorted by the current top coin market capitalizations.
  2. Ease of creating the wallet functionality, to support automated coin transactions to and from multiple users, simultaneously.
  3. Possible suitability of any given coin for the decentralized “Ethereum Tokenization” and subsequent listing on the upcoming Kovrita DEX platform.


Kovrita Project Team
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